Travis Bean 1000A #51

Sept 28, 1975 - July 18, 1976

Stock Travis Bean 1000A with Post Volume Blaster Preamp(no switch)


TB1000A #51 1.1

Date ???

1 volume, 2 tone controls, Post Volume Blaster Preamp with On/Off switch.


Travis Bean 500 #11

Aug 2, 1976 - Dec 1976

TB500 with Middle Single Coil Pickup(J.Garcia Model). Each pickup has it's own on/off switch, Tone potentiometer(dualganged Middle&Bridge pot)and capacitor, Post Volume Blaster Preamp(no switch).



TB500 #11 becomes backup to #12 and is outfitted with Jerry's OBEL. Later a Slavedriver pickup is added by RamRod.


Travis Bean 500 #12

Dec 31, 1976 - Sept 3,1977

The Jerry devised Onboard Effects Loop was first used on Dec 31, 1976. The OBEL 1.0 is a Switchcraft 14b switched TRS jack. It's inserted after the pickup selector switches before the volume potentiometer. The 14b's switches are wired together so when the effects plug is removed they tie together and allow the guitar circuit to stay intact without the effects loop plug inserted(layout and schematic at bottom of page).

Note: No Blaster Preamp in this first incarnation of the effects loop, the Mutrons bypassed state became the line driver when an effect was not in use.



TB500 #12 pickguard controls section has a factory cutout ala' Alligator's(see below for wiring).


Travis Bean 1000A #715

Dec 13,15,16 1978

Onboard Effects Loop with On/Off switch. Alembic Blaster, and Custo made Travis Bean Single Coil Pickups.


#715 Blaster Preamp with Onboard Effects Loop On/Off Switch.



Travis Bean 1000a #51 & #715

Jerry's TB1000A #51 was broken beyond repair when someone tried to mount a third middle pickup. It was sent back to the Travis Bean Factory for repairs, but they ended up just sending him a stock new one, serial #715. Jerry wanted the new one to have TB single coil pickups, so, #715 was delivered with Travis Bean Single coils centered & epoxied into a TB humbucker cover used as a mold. The results left the Travis Bean humbucker stamp still in the epoxy form when removed from the mold. Here are shots of what #51 body looks like today and a shot of #715's Epoxied Single Coils.



TB1000A #715 Epoxied TB Single Coils


TB 500 Wiring Schematic


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