Wolf 1.0

Irwin Wolf Interview(www.dozin.com)

Wolf was Delivered to Jerry in May 1973 for $1,500.

Stock Fender Single Coils, Stock Strat Wiring with Military Spec'd Allen Bradley Potentiometers and Ceramic Capacitors, Military Spec'd "Raytheon" Knobs, and Onboard Alembic Blaster Preamp w/On-Off Switch(post volume control)

NOTE : Alembic Chrome Plated Brass Bridge with Brass saddles and 3/4" Purpleheart Wood Riser Inlayed into the body underneath. Custom Brass Tailpiece with Purpleheart Wood Riser that is channeled for the String Ball Ends. Custom Chrome Pickup Selector Plate, Brass Scalloped Nut, and Gold Schaller Tuning Pegs/Gears.



Wolf 1.0 W/Stickers



Wolf 1.1

(Added - 3rd Tone control, Military Spec'd Allen Bradley Potentiometer and Ceramic Capacitor)

This addition allowed for each pickup to have it's own individual Tone control.



Travis Bean 1000A (Sept 28, 1975-July 18, 1976)

Travis Bean 500's (Aug 2, 1976 - Sept 3, 1977)


Wolf 2.0

09/28/77 Wolfs Return

Work Performed by Irwin Guitars and Company.

Refinished, New Inlayed Wolf, and Irwin Eagle Logo. The Peacock and Alembic Logos were removed from the Headstock. The Alembic Bridge isreplaced with Chrome Plated Schaller Harmonica Bridge. The Tailpiece gets Chrome plated a the wood riser is removed from underneath it. The string ball ends have a cavity routed into the body due to the wood riser's removal from underneath the tailpiece. The Tailpiece also gets a decorative pearl inlay. The Original Nut was replaced with a Brass NON Scalloped version.

Dimarzio SDS-1 Pickups/Effects Loop with no switch/3 tone controls(middle and neck pickup utilize a dualganged potentiometer and individual capacitors) and 1 Volume , Gibson Speed Knobs.

Note - As with the Travis Bean 500's, Jerry's Effects Loop was line driven by the Mutron effects pedal he was using. The Effects loop utilized a Switchcraft 14B switching jack. It allowed the guitar circuit to stay intact when no plug was placed in the effects loop jack.





Wolf 2.1

Sometime in Early 78

Effects Loop In/Out Switch Added, Onboard Alembic Blaster Added (pre volume control, off the 5 way Pickup Selector), Aluminum Lafayette amplifier Knobs(from TB500)



Wolf 2.2

Late 1978 - July 1, 1979

Dimarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers were added in the Bridge and Middle Positions with Coil Tap Switches (single/series) for each Humbucker.



Wolf 3

Sept-December 1989 - w/ known appearances, 7/19/89, 7/23/90 and 2/23/93

Midi Added (Roland GK2 Externally Mounted), Dimarzio Super 2's (middle/bridge),4 conductor Single Coil (neck/ humbucking single coil), Onboard Effects loop, Onboard Alembic Blaster, Chrome Schaller M6 Tuning Pegs/Gears Added.



Being the backup Midi guitar at the time, Wolf was officially retired with the arrival of Steve Cripes Lightning "Bolt" guitar in 1993.


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