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Comment installer zoom ?

Download the software for free To use Zoom, you need to download the “software”. Zoom client for meetings & quot ;. Install it on your computer (Mac or PC). If you want to organize the meeting, you need to install & quot; Zoom rooms for the conference room “, further down on the same page.

Ou telecharger zoom ?

Zoom is available as a downloadable mobile application compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) that allows you to join meetings as if you were on a computer. For the computer, you can download and install Zoom as a dedicated Windows application.

Quel est le coût de zoom ?

In particular, it provides HD voice and video quality, active speaker display, screen sharing and virtual background. To go further, you can opt for one of Zoom’s paid plans (from 14 to 33 euros per month and per host).

Comment accéder à mon compte zoom ?

Connect to Zoom To connect, click on the “Connect” link in the menu. Fill in your credentials then click on “Connection”, or connect with Google or Facebook by following the steps displayed on the screen.

Comment fonctionne zoom ?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that you can use to meet other people virtually – either by video or audio only or both, while conducting live chats – and it allows you to record those sessions for watch them later.

Comment se passe une visioconférence ?

A videoconference is used to bring together different people at the same time but in different places. Using the Internet, computers, webcams and microphones, videoconferencing participants can see each other and discuss one or more topics.

Est-ce que Zoom est gratuit ?

[ZOOM] The Zoom videoconferencing application is free for meetings of up to 100 participants. Offered in web mode, it is also available for download for Android and iOS. The use of Zoom literally exploded with the first lockdown. … Zoom recorded a traffic record in April 2020.

Est-ce que Zoom est sécurisé ?

Although the Zoom application is perfectly legal, this practice generally used by malware is rather frowned upon. … The end-to-end encryption which Zoom sells has also been very critical by various security researchers for its insecure design.

Comment utiliser zoom gratuitement ?

How do I use Zoom to start a video meeting?

  • Register on ZOOM. …
  • Download the client. …
  • Take control of the interface. …
  • Create a meeting. …
  • Join an existing meeting. …
  • Schedule a meeting. …
  • Exchange messages and files. …
  • Record video of a meeting.